Lutheran Settlement House is working for a world in which intimate partner violence (IPV) is a thing of the past. Through education, training, and outreach, we aim to equip Philadelphians with the skills to address and prevent the cycle of violence.  Lutheran Settlement House offers trainings for professionals and community education workshops.

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Professional Trainings

We provide training to professionals in the child welfare, health care, correctional, education, legal, and behavioral health, and social service fields. Trainings are designed to build the skills necessary to work with clients who may be experiencing violence in their relationships – from recognizing the signs, to providing a supportive environment to disclose, to understanding the resources available in Philadelphia. Our trainings are based on a sliding-scale fee to help increase access to IPV professional development.  Below is a list of our standard trainings, and always tailor our trainings to the professional setting to maximize learning. Click here to request a professional training.

  • Dynamics of Intimate Partner Violence
  • Intimate Partner Violence & Children
  • Dynamics of Teen Dating Violence
  • Intimate Partner Violence in the Work Place
  • Intimate Partner Violence & Health Care
  • Safety Planning for Helping Professionals
  • Empowerment Counseling for Intimate Partner Violence
  • 40-hour training for domestic violence advocates
  • 8-hour training for helping professionals

Community Education

In partnership with community organizations, faith groups, neighborhood associations, volunteer organizations, and civic clubs, Lutheran Settlement House is committed to helping to end domestic violence. Our community workshops are geared to raise awareness, build skills, and understand the dynamics that lead to violence. Below is a list of our community education workshops. To request a community education session, click here.

  • Understanding Domestic Violence
  • Domestic Violence & Children
  • Understanding Teen Dating Violence
  • STAR (Students Talking About Relationships groups for middle and high school-aged youth)

Outreach Events

Lutheran Settlement House operates a senior center, emergency shelter, job readiness and education programming, and domestic violence services for youth, seniors, and adults. Our outreach team would love to come table at your community event to spread awareness of the resources we have available. We are also available to speak to community groups about our programming.  To request us at your community event click here.

For more information about professional trainings, community education, and outreach opportunities, please contact Toby Fraser at / (215) 426-8610 ext. 1233.