Invite us to Speak

We value education and engagement with the community, and would love to speak to your workplace, congregation, team, or group about the work we do and how you can get involved.  

Our staff are experts in the field, and can speak to your group about Lutheran Settlement House as a whole, or a specific program or issue you are interested in learning more about.  

If you’re looking for a training or focused speaking engagement, we have several options that feature staff and program participants. 

  • Members of our Survivors’ Network offer trainings on how to effectively identify domestic violence at your workplace, school, or community, and how to safely support and engage with survivors. In the past, Survivors’ Network members have spoken at hospitals, companies, and political events to promote survivor-centered policies.  
  • Staff and participants from our Masculinity Action Project are available to facilitate a training or speaking engagement focusing on toxic masculinity: what it is, why it’s “toxic,” and how to break the cycle and intervene in community violence and conflict to create a safer and more inclusive world for everyone. 
  • Our Community Education team from our Bilingual Domestic Violence Program can provide trainings on bystander intervention, understanding and identifying domestic violence, and other customs trainings of your choosing 

If you are interested in having us speak to your group, contact Erica Zaveloff by email at, or by phone at 215-426-8610 ext. 1218.