Felicia, a mother of six, resided at Jane Addams Place for ten months while working on obtaining housing. She not only worked while living in the shelter, but was an active participant in the community. A survivor of domestic violence, Felicia is a fierce advocate for homeless mothers, speaking at rallies and panels across the city. Felicia is now employed as a Residential Advisor at Jane Addams Place. She is also featured in the short documentary, Home, a glimpse into a day in the life of a mother of six who has a job but does not have a home. Through footage of daily life, as well as reflective interviews, the documentary explores the constant struggle of dealing with life’s everyday while experiencing  the additional physical and mental challenges of living in a homeless shelter. The result is a revealing film that shatters the stereotype of what it means to be homeless; we are all the same – rich or poor – we feel sorrow, we feel joy, and together, we share the power to make a difference.