Resources for survivors

Leaving your abuser can bring a mixture of emotions. You may feel scared, uncertain, relieved, angry, sad, lonely—but probably you feel a little bit of each of these emotions.
We want you to know that you are not alone.

Safety First:
Survivors continue to be at risk, even after they leave their abusive partners, so it’s important that you keep yourself and your children safe.
Update your safety plan (Click here)
Start getting connected to local resources (below) to assist you with any day-to-day needs you may have.
Get the word out: If you have children, let their school/daycare know if your partner should or should not have contact with you and &your child(ren).
Let your employer know what to do if your partner calls/shows up
Increase your support system. Reconnect with friends and family.

Talk to a counselor by calling the Philadelphia Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-866-SAFE.014 or make an appointment to meet in-person
For more information on:
Keeping your new address confidential (Click here)
Child Support (Click here)
Custody (Click Here)
Divorce (Click here)
Immigration (Click here)
Legal Assistance (Click here)
Philadelphia Area Resources (Click Here)
Protection from Abuse orders (Click Here)
PFAs & Utility Assistance (Click here)
Staying Safe After You’ve Left (Click Here)
Suing Your Abuser (Click here)
Victim Assistance (Click here)

Hotline 1.866.SAFE.014 (723-3014)