Philadelphians Rally to Showcase How Men Can Prevent Domestic Violence

In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Lutheran Settlement House announced today that they will hold their annual rally highlighting how men can work to end domestic violence. Taking place on Wednesday, October 16 at Thomas Paine Plaza, the Men Can Rally will celebrate the strides made in reducing domestic violence in Philadelphia this year, and stress how it is men’s collective responsibility to help eliminate intimate partner violence.

“Too often domestic violence is believed to be as a women’s issue and that mischaracterization is harmful to victims of all gender identity, sexual orientation, race and class,” said Lutheran Settlement House Executive Director David Chiles. “The Men Can Rally not only celebrates the wonderful work done in the city of Philadelphia to end intimate partner violence, but the event empowers men to help prevent violence through the promotion of non-violent conflict resolution. Lutheran Settlement House is proud to provide the platform for this conversation, because we know that men can prevent violence.”

The Men Can Rally will bring together those in the Philadelphia community seeking to end domestic violence in the community, where 1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men have experienced domestic violence. Featuring speeches from Mayor Jim Kenney, Dr. Joel Fein of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Deion Ernest Sumpter of the Office of Violence Prevention, City of Philadelphia, the event is free and open to the public.

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