What is the Masculinity Action Project?

The Masculinity Action Project, formerly Men Can, works to build understanding on some basic principles, including:  that male dominance and privilege are a root cause of domestic violence; men of all sexual orientations can be victims of abuse; men are key to domestic violence prevention and awareness; and men can lead and influence other men to work to end domestic violence. The Masculinity Action Project is a comprehensive Philadelphia city-wide program seeking to engage anyone who identifies with masculinity as advocates against violence. 

Recently, the Masculinity Action Project (MAP) has expanded its programming to organize with the larger movement for gender justice. Over the past year we’ve facilitated a series of workshops called “Get Your Boys” that explore what male accountability looks like in the wake of #metoo, as well as completed the first round of the Socha Programa multi-month training and organizing program where participants gain skills to heal from masculine socialization and find ways to take action with grassroots social justice efforts here in Philadelphia. The MAP will continue to host workshops and events on gender justice, as well as launching the second round of the Socha Program in January 2020 Find out more on what we’re up to below! 


Upcoming Events:













  • Disrupting Toxic Masculinity – 10/30/19, 6p-9p 
    • In this experiential workshop, participants will explore patterns of toxic masculinity as well as practice different types of interventions. Participants will leave this training with a larger tool box of options in challenging toxic and dominating behaviors, as well network and build relationships with other folks in the fight against the patriarchy. 
  • Breaking out of the Norm – 11/21/19, 6p-9p 
    • For anyone taught to live by the rules of traditional masculinity—it is a given that the toxic, dominating behaviors will show up in our lives even as we’re trying to unlearn it. One of the things we can do is develop more self-awareness – of our emotions, of the unconscious ways we continue to act out the toxic patterns we were taught, and of the impact we are having on the people around us. This workshop will be a space to practice looking inward at the rules we were taught to follow and deciding who we really are. 

The Socha Program

The Socha Program is a 6-month training about healing from a culture of harmful masculine socialization and finding responsible ways to take action to reduce gender-based violence. The second round of the program will run from January to June 2020 and will consist of retreats, meet ups, participant organized events, and several ways to take action. For a longer description, and access to the application, visit bit.ly/sochaprogram 












 *Some members of the first cohort of the Socha Program

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Workshops, Events, and Speaking Engagements

Staff members and some community participants are available to facilitate trainings, collaborate on discussions, speak at public events, or bring resources for an outreach table at your event. Please fill out this form to request a training around topics like: 

  • The Man Box and Toxic Masculinity 
  • Police, Prisons, and Survivors 
  • DV is in my apartment complex, What do I do?
  • Transformative Justice and Abuser Accountability 
  • Organizing for Gender Justice 
  • Taking accountability for causing harm 
  • Bystander Intervention tactics and options 

Stay Connected on Social Media

In addition to following @lutheransettlementhouse on Facebook, and @lshphilly on Instagram and Twitter, you can find the Masculinity Action Project as a group on Facebook. Search for “Masculinity Action Project” on Facebook and request to join. There you will find a growing community sharing resources and plugging each other into the work of gender justice in Philadelphia. 

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