Jane Addams Place

Program Overview

Jane Addams Place gives families a safe, welcoming, and dignified place to live while they plan for their next steps. Our residents, up to 25 families at a time and over 300 adults and children per year, have a private room that is just for their family, three healthy meals a day which include fresh fruits and vegetables, and fun recreation spaces in our courtyard and gym.   

Case managers help the parents and caregivers to set achievable goals for their futures, which includes counselling related to housing options, employment, household finances, health, and education. Children receive support with school, activities focused on emotional and physical health, and fun field trips that allow kids to be kids.  

Being caught in the housing crisis can be traumatizing for families, so we employ a full-time therapist who meets with adults, children, and families at the shelter. Our goal is that families leave Jane Addams Place stronger, healthier, and ready to accomplish their goals. 

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