Can I come to the Lutheran Settlement House Senior Center if I’m not Lutheran?
Yes! The Senior Center welcomes people of all religions.

Can I come to the Center if I don’t live in Fishtown?
Yes, many of our members live in Port Richmond, Northern Liberties, Kensington and Juanita. Some come as far as Darby, Levittown and Cape May.

Is there a fee to come to the center?
No, although a small donation is suggested for lunch. The cost of classes is on a sliding scale basis. For further information please contact the Senior Center Activities Coordinator at (215)426-8610, ext. 206

Are there volunteer opportunities?
Yes, contact the Senior Center for more details.

What age to you have to be to come to the center?

Is transportation available?
Yes, senior center staff will arrange van transportation for eligible 65+ seniors for rides to and from the Center and medical appointments.

When are you open?
LSH Senior Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 4:30.

Can someone help me fill out my rebate?
Our Senior Center Counselor is available by appointment to assist you. Contact theLSH Senior Center (215)426.8610 ext. 203.