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CARES (Caregivers Reducing Stress) is a program from Lutheran Settlement House designed to ease the stress experienced by informal, unpaid caregivers of older adults.

Using a holistic and personalized approach, the model features wrap-around services designed to help caregivers mobilize their social support networks, access resources in the community, and better adapt to their caregiving role.

By reducing the amount of stress caregivers experience, the program aims to increase the length of time in which care recipients are able to remain in their own home.

The CARES  Program offers:

  • Six individual and/or family counseling sessions
  • Support groups in multiple convenient locations
  • Assistance finding resources, such as respite care, financial assistance, legal counseling, etc.
  • For a calendar of events and more information, click here

Contact Sarina at or (215) 426-8610 x 1207 to learn more.