Men Can is an innovative public awareness campaign to engage men in ending domestic violence.

Men Can promotes the health and well-being of each family member and the community at large by looking at intimate partner violence holistically. Through social media, community dialogues, barbershop talks, SEPTA marketing, an annual downtown rally, and outreach to fraternities, churches, and public service agencies, LSH aims to de-stigmatize what is often thought of as exclusively a women’s issue.

Men Can empowers men to prevent family violence through educating themselves and others and promoting non-violent ways of dealing with conflict. The Men Can campaign also acknowledges that intimate partner violence does not discriminate and can happen to anyone regardless of gender, sexuality, race, or class.


Each year LSH hosts a “Men Can Rally” to lend visibility to the issue and convene activists, performers, academics, and anyone who wants to take a stand to end Domestic Violence.



Check us out on Fox 29 with Mike Jerrick and the SEPTA Police signing the Father’s Day Pledge

Fox29 Screenshot

To learn more about how you can become involved in the Men Campaign, contact Robin Walker at 215-426-8610 ext. 1236.